Modular Buildings: GREEN Inside and Out

More than ever before, environmental consciousness is at the forefront of the construction industry. Going GREEN is much more than just a catch phrase. It’s about sustainability and creating responsible, efficient, and intelligent building designs that help support our planet while providing functionality and style.

Silver Creek Industries understands GREEN, and our modular structures offer multiple advantages that promote sustainability while reducing the environmental impact by constructing these buildings offsite in our factory.

sky® High Performance Building
sky® on display at Silver Creek Industries facility

SCI’s sky® high performance building features two unique and contemporary floor plans which can be combined with a staggering number of interior and exterior finish options to provide high quality, cost-effective, energy efficient, permanent modular building classroom solutions.

The sky® was designed to meet the requirements of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) as well as the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). With energy efficiency targeted from the start of the design development process, the sky® provides not only a healthy environment, but a very efficient one as well.


sky® High Performance Building interior
sky® High Performance Building interior

The sky® design has been pre-approved by the Division of the State Architect (DSA), offering an accelerated plan check process resulting in just a fraction of the plan review and construction time than site-built buildings.

During the design process, the quality of the interior learning environment was of utmost importance and that focus is clearly represented with the sustainable materials and systems selected for the sky®.  Low and no-VOC finishes, paints and adhesives are incorporated throughout the building and sound absorbing surfaces were carefully chosen and placed to ensure a quiet, high indoor quality building. A significant number of space conditioning options were designed to be integrated into the structure allowing customers to select a system that matches their equipment standards while taking advantage of the systems available on the site.  By including systems such as indoor package units, roof top package units, split systems with interior fan coils, VRF systems, air cooled systems, water cooled systems, and ground sound heat pump systems, the building can be configured in a flexible and efficient manner.

The sky® classrooms were designed to be fully day-lit during most educational hours.  This goal is achieved through the large high performance windows at the front and rear, along with clerestory windows and tubular skylights.  The interior lighting systems are designed to take advantage of natural light and feature a full occupancy and photo-control system which automatically dims the lights, or turns them off completely when natural light is available, and ensures the lights are off when the classroom is not occupied.

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