Better for the Earth | Better for Your Budget

Silver Creek’s modular structures offer building advantages that promote sustainability without sacrificing quality or design aesthetics. And because we integrate green strategies into our manufacturing approach from the beginning, the entire process is more efficient and the impact on the environment is less than that of on-site construction.

Moreover, our products and high quality services are backed by decades of experience in construction and green industry practices. As a result, you gain confidence in a construction partner that has proven experience with sustainable strategies.

Some of the building advantages of Silver Creek’s modular construction include:

  • Concurrent factory construction and site preparation
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control program and frequent inspections
  • Healthier, more comfortable environments
  • Significantly reduced carbon footprint
  • Enhanced efficiency for energy and water usage
  • Better air quality
  • Easier maintenance
  • Resource efficiencies – 80% less waste
  • Minimal noise and dust on site
  • Minimized site / community disruption
  • Reduced traffic on construction site
  • Buildings arrive on site up to 75-80% complete
Modular Construction Timeline
Modular Construction Timeline


  • Reduced weather related delays with construction under roofed environment
  • Replicable system and processes
  • Workmen’s compensation exposure minimized
  • Tax and marketing benefits via incentives and certifications
  • Faster to market, providing Faster Time to Revenue®


To learn more about the modular building construction process and its building advantages, please contact us.