Silver Creek Industries is a general contractor who can assist you with your project from inception to completion. While we specialize in modular building construction, our services include the following:

Design Build

Silver Creek has adopted an integrated project delivery by partnering with architects, engineers, modular dealers and other industry professionals to deliver design and construction services. This design build approach joins together a highly qualified team under one contract while owners get the best value for the best quality and price with a single point of contact.

Design Bid Build

A more traditional approach, Silver Creek has plenty of experience with the design bid build process, offering customers highly competitive pricing. As a general contractor also specializing in the design and construction of modular buildings, one of the advantages tied to our method of construction includes the input provided throughout the design phase. This input is likely to lack with site-built construction, consequently causing issues for the owner…along with potentially costly change orders.

Lease Leaseback

Another type of design build delivery method to construction, Silver Creek has plenty of experience with successfully executing lease leaseback projects.


How many times have you had a construction project estimated only to learn of escalated costs later? By incorporating SCI’s preconstruction services early in the planning stages of your project, the actual versus estimated costs can significantly benefit the financial and practical portions of your project.

New Construction

Whether you are looking to develop land or construct a new building on an existing site, SCI is highly qualified to carry out your new construction needs. From educational to commercial buildings, medical facilities, government offices, multi-family housing or military dormitories, we provide a customized approach to fulfill your construction goals.

Special Projects – Renovations / Modernizations

With the economic downturn, many postponed new construction plans and opted to modernize or renovate their buildings. SCI has completed a multitude of tenant improvement projects and can assist with providing cost effective solutions to achieve the enhancement you seek for your buildings.

LEED Sustainable Modular Building Design

No matter the project budget or requirements it is important to have an experienced partner when proceeding with a High Performance Building project. It is equally important to develop this partnership as early as possible in the design and planning process. SCI has designed and built numerous High Performance projects and is experienced with the LEED rating systems along with its process. With AIA architect, LEED accredited professionals, in-house energy modeling capabilities, and a full design team on staff, the SCI team can assist in developing a customized High Performance Building solution to meet your specific project requirements. 

CHPS School Buildings

When you earn certifications from the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) or the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) system, you enter a distinguished realm of corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability. SCI understands the importance of these certifications – both from a community perspective and in terms of marketing and branding. As a result, our CHPS-approved modular buildings represent the pinnacle of environmental construction and can help you achieve your sustainability goals. SCI continuously strives to provide high performing, environmentally friendly environments; as such we have designed the “SKY®”, our high performance building which is pre-approved by the Division of the State Architect (DSA).

Modular Engineering

The design of a modular building is quite different than that of traditional site-built construction design. In addition, when choosing modular construction it is important to have a “modular-friendly” design in order to create a functional and cost-effective solution for each individual project. Fully staffed with a design team that has over 100 years of combined experience, SCI also partners with engineers who specialize in modular construction, providing customers with design direction and services to profitably construct their projects.

Project Management

Project management is a very important aspect of a construction project in order to successfully achieve all of the project goals. SCI’s experienced project management team will lead every aspect of your project to ensure it is completed on time and within budget.


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