Functionality, Elegance & Safety for an
Ideal Healthcare Environment

Medical and healthcare buildings – from doctor’s offices to assisted living centers – all require a construction approach that makes patients feel at home and motivates professionals. With an ever-changing healthcare system and exorbitant industry costs, these projects must adhere to sensible economics as well.

Silver Creek Industries understands the nuances of healthcare facilities. We apply our innovative modular construction services to create medical facilities that satisfy all building codes, safety requirements, as well as California’s stringent OSHPD requirements. Our design process involves your specific needs so you get a versatile environment that is tailored to your patients and other constituents. Moreover, our multi-shift manufacturing process allows your buildings to open sooner, while our affordable services save costs in an industry where expenses are skyrocketing.

Compared to costly and lengthy on-site construction projects, our modular buildings are the right prescription for the operational and financial health of your medical industry business.

We handle the following medical projects:

  • Assisted living centers
  • CAT scan buildings
  • MRI centers
  • Clinics
  • Dialysis buildings
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Exercise and fitness facilities
  • Existing building expansions or remodels
  • Urgent care centers
  • Wellness centers

Contact us today and learn how our unique modular buildings can transform your health care construction project.

Medical Case Studies

Modular healthcare buildings constructed offsite provide a reduced construction time allowing SCI to meet the demands of our ever-changing healthcare system. With a full design team in-house, we can develop customized buildings that include sustainable features such as natural daylighting, low and no-voc finishes and materials, providing healthier buildings. Doctors’ offices, dental clinics, hospital buildings, urgent care centers, MRI buildings, wellness facilities, diagnostic buildings, nursing homes can all be constructed cost-effectively with minimal site disruption.

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