Simply Put: A Better Way to Use Taxpayer Money

Government buildings are essential elements of our communities. Within these walls, the critical functions of our infrastructure and society are carried out on a daily basis.

With this in mind, Silver Creek Industries (SCI) uses innovative and economic modular construction services to create exceptional government facilities. SCI  manufactures its structures in protected, lighted environments, so we can run multiple shifts per day, avoid inclement weather delays, and get buildings completed faster than on-site projects. Furthermore, our process is cost-efficient while sacrificing nothing in terms of quality, functionality, or safety. All attributes that highly effect getting buildings up and running quickly.

As a result, local and state agencies get the buildings they want and the system saves precious taxpayer money.

We have constructed government modular buildings for the following:

  • Administration facilities
  • City hall buildings
  • Courthouses
  • Libraries
  • Prison structures
  • Military training facilities

To learn more about our unique modular buildings and how they are ideal for government projects, please contact us.

Government Case Studies

With government agencies streamlining their processes and merging their operations, what better way to accommodate these changes and space requirements than with modular construction. Projects including administrative offices,  office complexes, dormitories, military barracks, courthouses – all can benefit from the advantages associated with this method of construction. Modular buildings can easily be expanded or reconfigured to adjust to the ever changing needs of our military.

PDF Long Beach Gas & Oil Department – Administrative Office Building (180 KB)